Pyrenees National Park


One of the 7 French National Parks, it preserves 45 000 ha of forest, grazing land, summits, glaciers, lakes and torrents, cirques and valleys, of the most exceptionnal purity.

French Pyrenees

Here are centuries-old trees, sweetly-scented flowers so fragile yet perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions.
From 1000 m to 3000 m the wildlife is abundant but can be discreet : ptarmigan, desman, marmot, lammergayer, capercaillie, isard (Pyrenean chamois), griffon, vulture, golden eagle..., keep your eyes open.

Fowers Pyrenees

In order to discover the Pyrenees National Park, ask the park rangers or other mountain professionals
who will happily inform and advise you. At the Maison du Val d'Azun et du Parc National des Pyrénées,
in addition to a warm welcome and good advice, we also have : exibitions, video shows and numerous
publications witch will allow you to get to know the Pyrenees better.

Pyrenean chamois

Why not take part in one of the National Park Summer walks, or meet the park rangers at the meetings points.

Programme from the Maison du Val d'Azun et du Parc National des Pyrénées
tel :(+33) 05 62 97 43 13 or (+33) 05 62 97 49 49